Comeback Stage

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge, It never gets old, The familiar cheer, As we get on stage, This is our friendly sphere. Performing to the beat, Weaving in the magic, The fans ignoring our folly, Inspiring us to be dramatic. The stage is our home, As we play in sync, Everyone's favourite music, The joy... Continue Reading →

Favourite Song

The lyrics hit home, Every single time, Memories of the known, Impossible to forget. Once a favourite song, It seemed a different time, Recalling emotions so strong, Struggling to be fine. Every single chance wasted, Wondering for so long, But it cannot be replaced, Better to be where she belongs. A paradigm shift, In life's... Continue Reading →

True Confessions – Share Your World

A late post but would like to participate. So here goes, What was the very first popular song you ever remember taking a liking to?  I’m not talking about children’s songs or old traditional songs… but the kind of songs you’d hear on the radio.  I don't exactly remember the first popular song that I... Continue Reading →


A slight nervousness, But a lot more excitement, Stepping out in the city, On my ladybird. A trip that was long due, To my favourite city, All thanks to my benefactor. I got out of the shell. Alone - the new definition, Of beautiful and strong, Full of opportunities, With no worry of going wrong.... Continue Reading →

Music – An Unsaid Emotion

"Where words leave off, music begins." - Heinrich Heine Music has always been an important part of my life, like an invisible friend who can understand my thoughts and feelings. I was introduced to it as a kid when I started learning how to play the harmonium and then after a few years the guitar.... Continue Reading →

The Power of Music

A beautiful melody, A piece of art, As it keeps playing, Piercing the heart. Transported to an alternative universe, Feeling alive and surreal, The only medicine, Letting the heart and soul heal. No need of a language, Filling up the silences, And lifting the spirits, With its notes and beats. Expressing the unexpressed, A song... Continue Reading →

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