A Planned Celebration

Special day not so far, She walked into the bakery, Feeling like a complete star, Reaching an hour early. Prototypes were ready, For her birthday was near, Waiting for the delicious cake already, Flaunting her best just once in a year. Looking at all the versions, She chose the red velvet, The frosting looked amazing,... Continue Reading →

Blogging Insights – To Quit or To Rest?

This is for Tanya Blogging Insights Prompt This quote seems to symbolise life in general. We face such a situation so many times when it gets tough or tiring and we wonder whether to quit or to take a break. For me, mostly even though I might just feel like I can't do it anymore,... Continue Reading →

Share Your Squirrely World

This is for Melanie's Share Your Squirrely World prompt. The questions seem interesting so here goes: If you had the power to strike one person in your life permanently speechless, who would it be? I am a Potterhead so maybe Harry Potter. 😛 If you could relive your childhood over again, what’s one thing from... Continue Reading →

The New Remote

It is but remote these days, The pandemic has given way, To a new, different world, That seems like its here to stay. Virtual working, virtual learning, In-person is now a myth, Technology and Web a must, For the old and the young. Old nan watching her haughty grandson, Hoping that he is not a... Continue Reading →

Tight Spot

Is she in a tight spot? Thoughts that come naturally, Confusion taking over, Losing the confidence gradually. The probable loss of opportunity, Making her rethink over and over, A "Yes" or a "No" is not a simple answer, But what she needs is a final closure. Walking the middle path, Is never an ideal plan,... Continue Reading →

Unplanned Escape

Sensing the upcoming mayhem, I just stood still, Trying to make sense of them, Couldn't leave the place at will. Briskly walking towards me, The girl with blue eyes, Looking for a partner to flee, A decision most unwise. Voices rising in a chorus, In a tightly packed hall, She looked for an escape, Standing... Continue Reading →

A PostCard

The picturesque photograph, Held in his hand for long, Should he tear it in half, But for the cryptic message on the back. A postcard on the doorstep, Scrummed in a large package, With his favourite jacket, A reminder of the lost times. Fingers twitching anxiously, He opened the envelope, One look at the picture,... Continue Reading →

New Course

Starting off with slight trepidation, She finally took the step, A decision not so easy, Taken on one's own. It is but just one life, Should it be by another's terms, Why let its flow be congealed, With constant expectations and judgement. Having lost a part of herself, To the society and its norms. Why... Continue Reading →

Breathing Interval

A customary visit every year, An offline break in this social world, Refresh the thoughts like never before, A disconnected place for peace & tranquility. Focused on the present and now, A must refuel this time of the year, To move away from the ungainly things, And the insecurities felt so long. Clearer thoughts in... Continue Reading →

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