The Faraway Dream

Was it a dream, So blissful and serene? The walk in nature, In the beauty yet unseen. Like a glimpse of heaven, A splendid place to be, Was the imaginary path, A reward to me? An inner calm descends, Feeling lost in the green, I have found my true home, A miracle indeed? But the... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Feeling

It is not only the words, But what goes in between, It is not the external, But what you feel deep within. It is not a planned visitor, But give its own surprises, It may not look like you imagined, But will be a gift in disguise. It may not be easy to catch on,... Continue Reading →


Some are visible, Some are not, Some cling to the surface, While some run deep. The mark of battle, That you survived, Not a sign of weakness, Letting you feel alive. Telling a different story, Let each one heal, They will fade one day, Leaving you stronger than steel. So make a pact now, To... Continue Reading →

The Unspoken Fight

It seems so hard, To break away from the chains, Getting up after every fall, Until I reach my aim. I don't know when I will reach, To keep going is the only way, With a lot of unsolicited advice, As I fight through everyday. Is there a magic potion, That can make the pain... Continue Reading →

Path To Forgiveness

A lucrative deal, For a hale and happy heart, Can help you heal, But it is a work of art. You may feel the ripples, As you move along, Coming across as a hard riddle, Make sure you are strong. The path to forgiveness, Not for the faint-hearted, Just like a litmus, Testing the unguarded.... Continue Reading →

To Be A Survivor

Crossing familiar paths, A flashback of the old, An occasional necessity, To reshape the mold. Seeing it all again, Why concede defeat, A long way to go, Though the path is incomplete. To be a strong surviver, It means a lot, As good as a nifty winner, Getting to the right spot. @ 2022 Shreya... Continue Reading →

Morning Ritual

An early morning ritual, Now a daily chore, A fresh start to the day, To calm the internal war. Who more than me, A better candidate for this, Moving along everyday, Is gradual improvement hard to miss? Starting from the head, Taking the spiritual path, A deep dive in meditation, To know one's forecast. A... Continue Reading →

Unsaid Words

When words fail, To describe the inexplicable, A jumble of thoughts, Showing the invisible. Get out of your head, Says the intelligent mind, But it is a safe place, Comforts the heart confined. Be your own sweetheart, Is that a simple call, Reducing the dependency, Before you hit the wall. Wish one could explain, The... Continue Reading →

Retraced Steps

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Walking aimlessly, She wandered about, Facing raised eyebrows, From strangers all around. Her last stop on the platform, It was a rainy night, The large puddle of water, Reflecting her lost plight. A sudden light and a beep, Getting her back to reality, A text message not expected, That she... Continue Reading →

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