Bloganuary: Don’t Let Other’s Perception Define You

Bloganuary 9: What do people incorrectly assume about you? Honestly, I do not know what people think about me. Also, I seem to be content with not knowing what one might think or incorrectly assume. Basically, I believe that every person may assume certain things about you depending on his/her experience with you. If they... Continue Reading →

E.M’s Sunday Ramble Prompt – Paperback always

This is for E.M's Sunday Ramble. Being a voracious reader, I could immediately get answers to all the questions posted on this prompt. So here goes, 1. Do you prefer digital, paperback, or hard bound books? Ideally, I prefer paperback books. Hard bound are too difficult to hold, and I cannot concentrate on the book... Continue Reading →

Precious Moments

In the few moments, Life offers the best, Laughter and enjoyment, Feel free to express. Too short to last, These precious times, Soon become the past, Memories in one's prime. Helping in the raging tempest, These pivotal occasions, Remember if you must, Indeed worthy one's reflections. @ 2022 Shreya Shah

Bloganuary Prompt 7: What Makes You Laugh

For Daily Prompt: What Makes You Laugh Fun conversations with parents. Reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.SAnimal videos (especially cats and kittens)Random Instagram reels - my guilty pleasure nowadays :pSometimes, I even laugh it out when I am stressed. Distraction helps too think more clearly it seems. As quoted by Lord Byron, "Always laugh when you can. It... Continue Reading →

The Zenith Climb

Travelling for weeks, It finally came into view, An epitome of beauty, The snow-covered peak. The first rays of the sun, On the zenith of the peak, Feeling the frozen warmth, A sight so beautiful and unique. It seemed unfathomable, This wish to reach the highest, The very idea treated with disdain, Calling him the... Continue Reading →

Favourite Song

The lyrics hit home, Every single time, Memories of the known, Impossible to forget. Once a favourite song, It seemed a different time, Recalling emotions so strong, Struggling to be fine. Every single chance wasted, Wondering for so long, But it cannot be replaced, Better to be where she belongs. A paradigm shift, In life's... Continue Reading →

Precious Gain

A hypnotic gaze, For several minutes long, Difficult to break away, It did not feel so wrong. Barely a word spoken, But a deep understanding, For the eyes were generous, As a lot left unsaid. The time has passed, And it won't happen again, To be treasured till the last, Indeed, a precious gain. @... Continue Reading →

A New Life

For Sunday's Six Sentence Story Word Prompt Looking back she wondered, "Was it worth the fight?" Having spent all her energy for the one, she had travelled alone for far too long. But, the time had come to move ahead from the darkness, into the light. So, she took her paint brush and sprayed the... Continue Reading →

The Easy Answer

It was all an illusion, Hidden by the lack of light, The shadow seemed bigger, Giving a huge fright. Distracted by the size, He seemed not to think, A small solution is all needed, To close the vulnerable chink. @ 2022 Shreya Shah

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