Best Mate

Be your own friend, It is not too late, It is only you until the end, So be a best mate. Lay off the negative self-talk, You are your best cheer, Building confidence in your walk, Grinning from ear to ear. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner, And an excellent movie, It seems you are... Continue Reading →

The Only Way

Don't hold on but do let go, Only ones that stay will grow, Honest and frank not the deal today, Why is it misunderstood every way? Careless of one's feelings, They mind their own beings, Is it the world's way now? Shouldn't it be disallowed? Feeling perplexed, are you? But this is not new, Survival... Continue Reading →

Underrated Guitarist

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Delivered to another world, With the beautiful notes, So fragile yet so strong, The strings of the guitar. A break from her daily chores, Standing close to the window, She needed to listen, To the melodious tunes. Reticent about her daily worries, She felt the tears come out, His music... Continue Reading →

Away From Truth

Quiet and alone, Sauntering through the park, She had lots to think, Between dusk and dawn. Ignoring the surreptitious act, Was it the right thing to do? Avoiding her eye contact, Was he moving away from the truth? Deciding to go of his own accord, He had left her little choice, She wouldn't let go... Continue Reading →

A New Life

For Sunday's Six Sentence Story Word Prompt Looking back she wondered, "Was it worth the fight?" Having spent all her energy for the one, she had travelled alone for far too long. But, the time had come to move ahead from the darkness, into the light. So, she took her paint brush and sprayed the... Continue Reading →

Seize The Day

I see a different face, Reflected in the water below, A simple touch, Creating ripples through. Is this the same person, I wonder out loud, A playful character early on, Turned now to a serious frown. Why so dull, And burdened by life, Are you looking for someone, To help you through it right. Zapping... Continue Reading →

The Constant Survival

Pulling you down, Judging you each time, Constant criticism all day long, It is their aim to take you down. Why wait for them to change, It is not in your power, Even if you fall down, Make sure you know to get up. Taking the plunge each time, You have the courage for it... Continue Reading →

Conversations with You

You know all my secrets, Privy to all the conversations, My best friend for life, You hear with no judgements. Pouring myself out, Into your coloured pages, You are the better part of my day, My all-time favourite listener. A notebook of love and friendship, You know my vulnerabilities, Studying me like no other, You... Continue Reading →

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