Retraced Steps

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Walking aimlessly, She wandered about, Facing raised eyebrows, From strangers all around. Her last stop on the platform, It was a rainy night, The large puddle of water, Reflecting her lost plight. A sudden light and a beep, Getting her back to reality, A text message not expected, That she... Continue Reading →

Start Of Prime

A small beginning, In a long time, It was an achievement, The start of her prime. The fruits of her success, No event can foreshadow, Her antagonist self, At peace with the whole process. @ 2022 Shreya Shah

Move On

For Fandango's Story Starter There was something about that song, That made me think of you all daylong, Waiting for you to come along, To the place that we belong. But you call me headstrong, Thinking that I have got it wrong, Is this your excuse to prolong, To be together lifelong? You won't miss... Continue Reading →

Move On

So trivial a thought, Crossing my mind, Its been almost a year, But it seems just the time. Has it been that long, From the time we last met, Life just goes on, Making sure we take the bets. The residue of what we had, Still remains with me, I wonder if it meant anything,... Continue Reading →

Awkward Meetings

For Fandango's Story Starter Prompt A sizzling party, His friends had said, Perfect for he turns thirty, So he could stay ahead. It was settled then, He entered the birthday bash, One look at her again, All memories were back in a flash. Feeling silence in the chaos, They still had the appeal, Why did... Continue Reading →

Uncomfortable Beginning

Does the occasion seem right? Is she looking too bright? Looking from all four corners, They give their shady looks. Giving them no thought, Their presence did not bother, Her broken self had mended, In their absence altogether. Too many lows for too long, It was time for her to come along, Feeling wholesome and... Continue Reading →

Best Mate

Be your own friend, It is not too late, It is only you until the end, So be a best mate. Lay off the negative self-talk, You are your best cheer, Building confidence in your walk, Grinning from ear to ear. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner, And an excellent movie, It seems you are... Continue Reading →

The Vow

Looking back on time, You cannot re-enact, Having missed your prime, It is indeed a fact. Living in the now, Decide and act right, Don't be malleable and disallow, Standing tall in the daily fight. Regret - a strong word, Take your steps now, Don't get lost in the herd, Standing out different is your... Continue Reading →

The Only Way

Don't hold on but do let go, Only ones that stay will grow, Honest and frank not the deal today, Why is it misunderstood every way? Careless of one's feelings, They mind their own beings, Is it the world's way now? Shouldn't it be disallowed? Feeling perplexed, are you? But this is not new, Survival... Continue Reading →

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