To Be A Survivor

Crossing familiar paths, A flashback of the old, An occasional necessity, To reshape the mold. Seeing it all again, Why concede defeat, A long way to go, Though the path is incomplete. To be a strong surviver, It means a lot, As good as a nifty winner, Getting to the right spot. @ 2022 Shreya... Continue Reading →

Move On

For Fandango's Story Starter There was something about that song, That made me think of you all daylong, Waiting for you to come along, To the place that we belong. But you call me headstrong, Thinking that I have got it wrong, Is this your excuse to prolong, To be together lifelong? You won't miss... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

Focused on the task, He did not have time to lose, Weaving a short story, With a pre-decided word count. His manager so myopic, Did he not understand? Limited time does not allow, The beautiful art of creativity. A romance or a mystery, Where should he start? He was no travel maven, To give vivid... Continue Reading →

Away From Truth

Quiet and alone, Sauntering through the park, She had lots to think, Between dusk and dawn. Ignoring the surreptitious act, Was it the right thing to do? Avoiding her eye contact, Was he moving away from the truth? Deciding to go of his own accord, He had left her little choice, She wouldn't let go... Continue Reading →

Beauty of Persistence

Don't be put down by resistance, The door will open up soon, You have shown dogged determination, You will get your boon. Survival of the fittest, Is the right mantra, Discipline to the strictest, Guiding you towards the light. Demoting the weak links, Focus on what is strong, You receive what you think, Reaching where... Continue Reading →

Top Five Things I Tell Myself

For Dr Tanya's 5 Things to Repeat to Yourself in 2022 Here are my top five: I am loved by my family and have a great circle of friends. (Truly grateful to them for being there always.)I am a strong individual with my own thoughts and beliefs.I can follow my dreams and one day I... Continue Reading →

Comeback Stage

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge, It never gets old, The familiar cheer, As we get on stage, This is our friendly sphere. Performing to the beat, Weaving in the magic, The fans ignoring our folly, Inspiring us to be dramatic. The stage is our home, As we play in sync, Everyone's favourite music, The joy... Continue Reading →

Right Moment

Why be adamant, When it is not your way, Lie low for a moment, You may feel a bit grey. The tide is against you, Want to go against the flow? Don't feel so restricted, You need to take it slow. And there comes a moment, It may seem ridiculous, But take action this instant,... Continue Reading →

The Final Quest

A mysterious quest lays ahead, Walk with caution, For you don't know where it led, Indeed, a necessary precaution. A new discovery comes to light, As the search gets deeper, An important answer is in sight, A secret revealed only for the keeper. Don't stop now, The curtain will soon reveal, The final award awaits,... Continue Reading →

Difficult Move

To a delayed start, In this cosmopolitan city, Filled with the quick-witted and the smart, Looking at me with pity. On the move for so long, This peripatetic lifestyle, Will I finally get along, Lagging behind in some style. A change so difficult, It is a miracle indeed, Strangers now friends, Always there in need.... Continue Reading →

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