Beauty of Persistence

Don't be put down by resistance, The door will open up soon, You have shown dogged determination, You will get your boon. Survival of the fittest, Is the right mantra, Discipline to the strictest, Guiding you towards the light. Demoting the weak links, Focus on what is strong, You receive what you think, Reaching where... Continue Reading →

Difficult Move

To a delayed start, In this cosmopolitan city, Filled with the quick-witted and the smart, Looking at me with pity. On the move for so long, This peripatetic lifestyle, Will I finally get along, Lagging behind in some style. A change so difficult, It is a miracle indeed, Strangers now friends, Always there in need.... Continue Reading →

Precious Moments

In the few moments, Life offers the best, Laughter and enjoyment, Feel free to express. Too short to last, These precious times, Soon become the past, Memories in one's prime. Helping in the raging tempest, These pivotal occasions, Remember if you must, Indeed worthy one's reflections. @ 2022 Shreya Shah

The Zenith Climb

Travelling for weeks, It finally came into view, An epitome of beauty, The snow-covered peak. The first rays of the sun, On the zenith of the peak, Feeling the frozen warmth, A sight so beautiful and unique. It seemed unfathomable, This wish to reach the highest, The very idea treated with disdain, Calling him the... Continue Reading →

Favourite Song

The lyrics hit home, Every single time, Memories of the known, Impossible to forget. Once a favourite song, It seemed a different time, Recalling emotions so strong, Struggling to be fine. Every single chance wasted, Wondering for so long, But it cannot be replaced, Better to be where she belongs. A paradigm shift, In life's... Continue Reading →

The Know-It-All

For Fandango's Flash Fiction Challenge Like Hermione, She is in her favourite place, Pre-reading the syllabus, In the remaining holidays. Is it so absurd, She wondered often, To be aptly prepared, For a school so foreign. Tired and upset, From her schoolmates' dislike, Did they feel humiliated, With her answers right. Singled out all the... Continue Reading →

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