Turning Point

Arriving at a turning point,

A decision to take,

When dreams and reality coalesce,

Should you seize or make the same mistake?

A new story to begin,

Commitment to be made,

Embracing the growing process,

An opportunity to upgrade.

Drawing the magic within,

In a moment that critical,

A step in either direction,

Don’t dwell on the hypothetical.

Shifting away from the stagnation,

Make the right choice,

From confusion to clarity,

Find your own voice.

©2021 Shreya Shah

5 thoughts on “Turning Point

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  1. Life is circles within cirls wheels within wheels. The only way to break the cycle and stop the mistakes from repeating is to become strong in voice and confidence. Beautiful positive poem well done.

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    1. Yes, that is right! But, i think it can apply to any situation in life, maybe a relocation or a career move or even the entry or exit of someone close, and we move into a new phase.

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